Emrah Doğru is an award-winning graphic designer & creative director born and raised in Ankara and currently living in İstanbul.

He has been fascinated by digital and visual storytelling for as long as he can remember. Working at the intersection of digital product design and brand identity, he’s had the privilege of influencing products used and loved by many. These include Samsung, Vodafone, Yeni Rakı, Turkish Airlines, Sırma, UN Global Compact, Mavi Jeans, European Bank, and more.

His talent in coding which was actually discovered at 8 years old when he wrote his first code on an Amstrad Computer provided him the opportunity of designing and coding several famous Turkish starts’ & artists’ web sites including Hadise, Devrim Erbil, Ahmet Güneştekin, Bennu Yıldırımlar and Sertac Ozgumus.

He is also a keynote speaker at conferences and used to be the board advisor of Istanbul Aydın University, Faculty of Fine Arts until 2019.

Emrah likes to identify himself with the word “maker”. Because he is a multi-disciplinary creative. The art of story-telling is his passion and with over 17 years of experience, he continues to tell stories through his works in many disciplines (conventional & traditional advertising, motion graphics, web design & development).

Today, he’s the co-founder and creative director of Ba’ndo , writer at Medium, and Podcaster at Ba’ndo Talks. He is a board member of Turkish Graphic Designers Association (GMK).


Emrah publishing regularly on his Medium page. Topics range from design, lifestyle, psychology to career advice.



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    Kristal Elma, Turkish Graphic Designers Association (GMK), Felis Awards, The FWA, AltinÖrümcek Web Awards, Istanbul Marketing Awards, Kırmızı Press Awards, Mowsnet Web Awards, Design Licks Web Awards, and so on…

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